Cookies are small files stored on your computer by your browser
when you visit a website, so the website can recall something about
you the next time you visit it. For example, a cookie might be used to
remember your username or pages on a website you’ve already
looked at.
Unless it is absolutely vital to the operation of the website, such as for
user registration and e-commerce, we do not collect any personal
information as a result of your visit to our website. If it is necessary for
us to collect any personal information, we will always explain why we
need the information, how it is used and how to delete the information
from our servers. We never sell, distribute or lease your personal
information to third parties, unless we have your full consent or are
required by law to do so. Here is a breakdown of every cookie that we
use, why we use it, and how to opt out.
Google uses cookies to report anonymised information to the Google
Analytics service. We use Google Analytics to gain insight into how
this website is used, and can access information on the most visited
pages on our website, the geographical locations of our visitors, time
spent on the website and the number of times a link has been clicked,
amongst many other useful statistics. The information provided by
Google Analytics does not allow us to identify individual users. Google
uses around four cookies, usually
named __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz for populating and sending the
anonymous data to Google Analytics.
In order to give the best possible browsing experience, we use
session cookies to temporarily store data. Session cookies are used
to keep track of your activity as you move from page to page through
the website. They keep track of any information that you enter to
prevent you having to re-enter it on subsequent pages. Our cookies
do not collect any personal/traceable data about you and are never
written to your hard drive. Session cookies are automatically deleted
when you close your browser: No data is stored following your visit
about you or your activities. The session cookie used on this website
is called SESS (random string).
Some browsers have JavaScript disabled which can greatly affect
how a website functions and how content is displayed. Although we
do our best to make sure that our website works without JavaScript,
we need to know whether the user has JavaScript enabled in order to
deliver content correctly. The has_js cookie tells us whether JavaScript
is disabled or enabled for the current user.
To ensure that you are in control of your privacy at all times, all web
browsers give you the option to disable cookies. If you have any
queries regarding our use of cookies, please get in touch with us.